Ten Thousand Hours -Macklemore x Ryan Lewis

on repeat for the past few days. i can’t believe i found this artist just now. what have i done all my life. this is my shit

Wings -Mackelmore x Ryan Lewis

Listen to this and tell me it’s not dope

cuz it is fucking ill

We Can Make the World Stop - The Glitch Mob

Fortune Days - The Glitch Mob

i feel like a muthafukin monster at 0:37

Everything Is Alright - Motion City Soundtrack

oh shit, this is sick. i can just search spotify for any music to post

gooood song

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Intro by The XX

the song is originally 2 min, but this remix is 10 hours long

so fucking chill.

i should play this everyday~

people need to sample this track more, sickkkk freestyles

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off their album streets of gold

can’t believe i haven’t heard this before, such a sick track

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Come Home - OneRepublic

just one of the best songs ever. just sayin’

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Young Wild and Free feat. Bruno Mars - Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa

My parents can’t control me anymore, yet they still want to tell me when I have to sleep when i can date what kind of lifestyle i should live. Well, too bad, I’m turning this song up >:-)

i’m living young and wild and freeeeeĀ 

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Baby Blue Eyes by A Rocket To The Moon

a good song that many people might not know

a tad bit cheesy